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December 2014
Tracking and Managing Employee Engagement with BRIDGEi2i’s EmPOWER

EmPOWER is an Employee Engagement Tracking and Management Solution from BRIDGEi2i.

July 2014

MODEL GOVERNANCE PLATFORM – When you want to keep
all the balls in the air

In the relentless pursuit of competitive advantage, companies have adopted data driven decision making in a big way.

July 2014

Crime can be predicted – Predictive Policing is here!

Analytics is the discovery of meaningful insights and communicating it in an efficient way using the data available.

July 2014

Epic Blog Battles of BI – JasperSoft vs Tableau

What happens when you pit a recent industry leader know for rapid innovation against an ambitious upstart that’s leveraging the Open Source model to offer compelling value propositions? Let’s find out!

November 2014

BRIDGEi2i selected as winner of NASSCOM's 2014 Emerge 50 award

BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions, today announced that it has been selected as a winner of NASSCOM's 2014 Emerge 50 award.

October 2014

BRIDGEi2i named among CIO Review’s Top 20 BI companies in India

BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions, a leading analytics solutions provider, announced that CIO Review has named BRIDGEi2i to its list of 20 most promising Business Intelligence Providers – 2014.

May 2014

BRIDGEi2i welcomes Supply Chain Management & Procurement expert, Rick Van Fleet, to its Board of Advisors

BRIDGEi2i is proud to announce the addition of Supply Chain and Procurement leader Rick Van Fleet to its Advisory board. Rick Van Fleet is a senior Supply Chain and Procurement executive.

April 2014

BRIDGEi2i expands footprint; sets up US presence

San Francisco, April 30, 2013 — BRIDGEi2i Analytics solutions, one of the leading Analytics solutions companies, announced today that it has recently setup its US presence in California — a significant step in its global expansion plans.

April 2014

Silicon India Magazine features BRIDGEi2i as one of the top technology consulting companies to work for in India.

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