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BRIDGEi2i has expertise in leveraging data to get insights around consumer behaviour and preference to customize their product, channel and sales strategy.

Customer Intelligence

BRIDGEi2i helps CPG companies take a holistic view of customers, integrate market research, transaction data and unstructured social media information to understand the consumer purchase pattern across channels and association across various product lines. This also helps identify opportunities to target “new customer segments” and drive growth.

Channel Segmentation

We use advanced analytics techniques, granular segmentation of various channels and stores to identify Revenue enhancement opportunities. We can help CPG clients manage assortment mix, price and positioning at a much granular level through smart segmentation.

E commerce Effectiveness

CPG companies are increasingly looking at going direct. We help them optimize and personalize their customers’ web experience, provide relevant offers by analyzing navigation paths and leveraging smart triggers to reduce cart abandonment.

Marketing Effectiveness

We build advanced marketing mix models to optimally allocate marketing spend across various marketing vehicles thus increasing returns on marketing programs.

Sales Effectiveness

We help companies forecast revenue and deploy sales force effectively by targeting the right channels, retailers, geographies and optimizing coverage. We help increase efficiency of sales force and their ability to connect with customers by providing optimal order recommendations and retention triggers based on analysis of store level buying patterns.

Inventory Planning

BRIDGEi2i utilizes forecasting and simulation techniques to understand demand patterns and build inventory plans.

Supplier Management

BRIDGEi2i uses advanced time series and signal processing capabilities to build commodity price forecasts. We drive spend optimization through supplier rationalization and better contract terms based on analysis of purchase patterns and supplier profiles to manage risk and drive profitability.



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