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A plethora of information is available in the form of structured and unstructured data in the Customer’s buying journey. We are witnessing a paradigm shift in the way we understand our customers. Today’s customer is more empowered and connected than ever before. He wants more options, convenience, service, personalization, protection and value from his investment. He wants to be treated as a privileged and valuable customer and not merely a demographic. The questions we ask ourselves today when deploying customer analytics, are much more holistic and inquisitive towards the sustainability of the business as compared to the questions we used to ask before the data explosion.

Questions asked yesterday

Questions asked yesterday

  • What type of customer do we have? Who are our loyal customers?
  • How to optimize our marketing investments to deliver higher return?
  • How to acquire more leads and prospects for demand generation programs?
  • How to reduce service cost?
Questions asked today

Questions asked today

  • What is the future potential of our customer?
  • How to personalize campaigns, offers & promotions more effectively to increase ROI?
  • How to engage potential customers using the website, mobile & other social media platforms?
  • How to improve customer satisfaction with optimized spend?


Information is meaningless unless it provides actionable insights to solve business problems. Capturing information from different stages of Consumer Buying Cycle and transforming it into comprehensive insight for guiding business decisions for an impact that Businesses want- is the core solution that Customer Analytics provides.


We have to understand a customer’s wants, behaviour, channel preferences, transaction history, call centre interactions and social media activity, not just to meet his/her needs as a customer, but also to anticipate those needs and provide befitting real-time recommendations that actually drive sales and keep the customers engaged. We now strive to procure deeper insights about the real sources of customer value, the real impact of marketing costs, and accurately predict the future behaviour of customers. How? The answer to this is hidden in the underlying sources of information that is left behind after a customer interaction. The following diagram shows the various types of information that the customer leaves behind at every point of interaction throughout his buying cycle.

Customer interaction journey

BRIDGEi2i Approach:


Customer Analytics not only answers who our customers are, but also what is the future potential of customer. It tells you how to personalize campaigns, offers & promotions effectively to increase ROI along with optimizing marketing investments.
We, at BRIDGEi2i partner with enterprises, governments and institutions globally, and help them maximize value / ROI out of each consumer by offering personalized recommendations and enhanced customer experience using best in class technology and service along with deep domain expertise.


BRIDGEi2i Customer analytics framework

customer analytics framework

BRIDGEi2i uses various processes like data visualization, predictive modeling, information management and segmentation on these data sets to acquire a deeper understanding of customers’ buying habits and lifestyle preferences. This helps not only in providing more accurate predictions of future buying behavior, but also helps in delivering the most relevant and attractive offers to customers to keep them engaged. BRIDGEi2i’s customer analytics can capture accurate customer profiles and provide a 360 degree view on customer interactions without the costs related to direct customer contact.


BRIDGEi2i Solutions

in Customer Analytics:





Increased ROI through personalization based on future intend


Increased Customer loyalty by providing seamless customer experience


Enhance digital footprints across channels


Maximize revenue / margin realization for high value customers






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