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ExTrack is BRIDGEi2i’s proprietary platform that provides 360 degree insights on customer experience metrics analysing quantitative and unstructured information from multiple customer touch points. The platform acts as an accelerator to develop a customized application for tracking customer experience related issues as well as correlating experience with business results.



Build a 360 degree view on all customer experience touch points across sales, installation, usage, support and feedbacks

A common platform to stitch and analyse both structured and unstructured data from multiple source

Comprehensive visualization of various customer experience metrics like usage, satisfaction, support volume, NPS etc.

“Contextual search Engine” that can automatically find and aggregate key issues around specific topics keyed in by user (Example : Service quality, Product Features)

“Discovery Engine” that can build causal relationship between various issues and its impact on customer experience and business metrics

An intuitive and interactive interface that makes it easy to consume insights and recommendations



Customized Application

The algorithms and frameworks in the platform can be customized to fit industry and company specifics around data, metrics and taxonomy

Shorter implementation time

Extrack can act as an accelerator for developing customer experience management efforts in a quick timeframe

360 degree customer

Integrate , correlate and Analyse structured and unstructured data from multiple customer experience touch points

scale up

Extrack is enabled with a backend BIG data set up which allows easy scale up of insights across multiple structured and unstructured databases

What are the data types and data sources that ExTrack can handle?

ExTrack is platform agnostic. It can stitch both structured and unstructured data from sources such as

Transactional Information

Customer Support History

Marketing Information

Customer satisfaction Survey Data

Customer Interaction from social data

BRIDGEi2i platform

intends to create a 360 degree customer view

Extrack Data eco-system

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& discover areas that need immediate attention…

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Who can benefit from using the
ExTrack Customer Experience Management Engine?

Customer Experience Managers and Marketing Heads can use ExTrack to track, fine tune and optimize their customer service operations and marketing campaigns.

Customer Experience Managers

Customer Experience Managers

Get a 360 degree view on what is driving customer experience

Understand trends in factors driving customer satisfaction

Get clear visibility to key issues popping up at the customer service desk

Listen to what your customer says about your product/ service in the social media

Understand trends and pattern in product, service request raised by customers

Correlate customer demographic information with transactional information to identify key issues by customer segments.

Marketing Heads

Marketing Heads

Get the Feedback and customer sentiments on the Company’s offerings in the products and service space

Build customer loyalty and personalization schemes for key customers

Identify key customer messaging requirements across direct and social communications

Assess customer needs and gaps



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