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BRIDGEi2i’s portfolio of analytics solutions for the Banking and Financial Services industry is focused on helping companies address some of these key challenges to drive profitable growth.

Drive Growth

We help financial services companies expand and grow their customers through granular insights about existing customers, their needs and buying behaviour. We use these insights to build personalized, customer centric, multi-channel targeting strategies, thereby accelerating revenue growth.

Promotion Effectiveness

We design experiments, leverage historical data and competition information to understand customer’s price sensitivity and recommend optimal prices to drive revenue growth profitably.

Manage Risk and Reduce Losses

We bring deep expertise in helping companies evaluate risks through customer life-cycle and build credit strategies to manage exposure. We mine transactional data to identify opportunities for proactive risk intervention, detect fraud and most appropriate actions to reduce loss.

Optimize Operations

Our focus is to help companies leverage multi-channel operations to understand satisfaction and significantly improve customer experience while reducing the cost to serve. We leverage data, design tests to understand customer behaviour towards alternate low cost channels to improve adoption.


Model Monitor and Model Governance – M²

M² is an end-to-end model governance platform with model monitoring and regulatory compliance management capabilities.




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