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The Hospitality industry is undergoing a paradigm shift with the advent of new business models and social media. Hotels, restaurants and entertainment business alike, are trying to know their customers to best possible extent. At the same time, marketing measurement and optimization of spend is key to a profitable growth.

Key questions

faced by the Hospitality Industry

BRIDGEi2i, leveraging its vast experience is customer and marketing analytics, has solutions tailor made for the travel and hospitality industry.

Improving customer experience is a top priority today and nowhere is it more important than in Hospitality. BRIDGEi2i Customer Experience Management solution, powered by Ex-track, a proprietary platform, helps enterprises create a segmented view of customer experience across different channels.

In a time when most hotels and other hospitality companies are facing the problem of revenue and price optimization, customer intelligence is key. BRIDGEi2i helps enterprises ensure customer loyalty, increase the share of wallet and personalize their offerings.

Technology is revitalizing the Hospitality industry with new channels like social and digital being increasingly used for research, selling and customer service. BRIDGEi2i helps hotels and resorts measure success from multi-channel campaigns and optimize their marketing efforts.




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