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Industry landscape

The Insurance Industry, like any other, is faced with rising competition, evolving customer preferences and tighter margins. The Insurance landscape today demands strategies that go beyond the scale of exposure and underwriting expertise. The ability to use and monetize new sources of data through advanced analytics is going to be the differentiator in the insurance industry. Insurance Analytics that deliver a better customer experience, better marketing ROI and clearer understanding of the market landscape is the need of the hour for the Insurance Industry today.


Insurance Analytics

BRIDGEi2i Insurance Analytics Solutions brings in a unique combination of advanced analytics techniques and domain experience to help businesses develop a clear understanding of the market landscape, prioritize marketing channels and transform digital data into actionable insights to deliver an incremental marketing return on investment.

Drive Growth

BRIDGEi2i helps insurance companies accelerate new customer acquisition by leveraging data to increase target pool and build multi-channel targeting strategies to increase response and conversion rates. Our solutions also enable unified customer experience management for retaining existing customers and driving better cross-sell and up-sell strategies.

Optimize Channels and Go-to-Market Strategy

Social Media and Digital technology have led to a proliferation of communication and selling channels for insurers. BRIDGEi2i Insurance Analytics solutions helps optimize channel mix for multiple customer segments and products and personalize promotions across multiple channels. Our Sales Analytics capabilities enable better visibility, predictability and intervention in the sales process thereby improving sales effectiveness.

Improve Marketing RoI

BRIDGEi2i’s Marketing Effectiveness solutions enable marketing organizations to better visualize all marketing spends, efforts and results. Going one step further, we help them analyse campaign performance and optimize marketing campaigns across digital and other mainstream channels.

Underwriting Decision Rules

With substantial experience in the Insurance sector, we help companies refine their underwriting decision rules to assess, quantify and manage risk at the time of acquisition. We focus on building the right balance between underwriting effort and risk to improve speed of response and reduce the cost of processing while ensuring management of risk.

Portfolio Risk Management and Capital Allocation

One of the most crucial application of Insurance analytics is in the area of portfolio risk management. BRIDGEi2i leverages analytics to understand, predict and manage portfolio performance. We build loss forecasting, capital allocation models to optimize capital across various product lines and geographies.

Optimize Operations

Our focus is to help companies leverage multi-channel operations to understand satisfaction and significantly improve customer experience while reducing the cost to serve. We leverage data, design tests to understand customer behavior towards alternate low cost channels to improve adoption.


BRIDGEi2i’s Insurance Analytics solutions have been deployed in several companies across the globe. With extensive industry domain knowledge, advanced analytics capabilities and proprietary technology accelerators, we have helped our clients improve customer experience, marketing effectiveness, operational effectiveness and return on investment. BRIDGEi2i’s unique engagement model leverages structured and unstructured data to solve business problems, complimented by our ability to deliver crucial insights for informed decision making and technology accelerators that help operationalize analytics for sustained business impact.



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