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Need for an

intelligent and personalized ordering system

CPG giants are already drowning in the ocean of big data and only very few companies have steered well to identify growth opportunities by leveraging their data eco system. Modern day CPG companies have two clear mandates charted.



Expand the retail footprint


Realize more revenue from each store.



To meet the above mandates, the ordering system must be lot more intelligent than a simple replenishment system!

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S-Reco is a proprietary decision engine built by BRIDGEi2i that leverages combination of Advanced statistical and Machine Learning techniques to make intelligent, personalized sales recommendations. Sales representatives can use S-Reco’s recommendations to have intelligent conversations with the store owners and achieve higher conversion rate.

S-Reco Infographic

The core algorithmic and technology components of S-Reco are ready and also flexible for customization to suite business needs. S-Reco is built on top of Big data architecture (Spark) and hence the application can quickly process high volume, high velocity sales transactions, SKU information, store information to make quick recommendations.

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What are the unique features of



real time insights

Real time

S-Reco’s recommendations are real time and can be easily consumed via simple handheld device (Mobile, Tablets, Phablets etc.)


Granular recommendations

S-Reco’s SKU recommendations are personalized for each Store which translates to more sales and revenue

robust algorithm


S-Reco’s algorithm leverages advanced statistical & ensemble techniques to provide better recommendation accuracy



The algorithm improves recommendation accuracy by continuously learning from historical recommendations



The decision engine is built on top of big data architecture which can deal with scale without compromising on speed

What are the unique benefits of



higher sales conversion

Higher sales conversion

Empower your sales team to achieve higher conversion through intelligent sales conversations


Shorter implementation time

The core algorithmic and technology components of S-Reco are already built and requires less time to customize the implementation to suite business needs



S-Reco can be easily implemented on top of your existing data system. It’s big data architecture can easily process voluminous data of different types


Faster ROI

Achieve double digit growth targets within Short time of S-Reco implementation!


of S-Reco

Base Order

screenshot S-Reco-1

Recommended order

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