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Surveyi2i is a cloud-based integrated survey analysis and reporting platform with advanced analytics and text mining capabilities. Surveyi2i enables researchers, analysts and business managers by simplifying the process of analysing, collaborating and deriving actionable insights from survey data. The comprehensive features of Surveyi2i not only enhance speed, flexibility and productivity for analysts, it also allows business managers to participate in the process of deriving quick insights.

A 30 day trial version of full feature Surveyi2i is available Free.

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An Enterprise Survey Analysis Platform

The platform provides easy to use front end for researchers, business managers and analysts to draw actionable insights from survey data. It allows users to treat and recode the data, visualize various summary metrics, identify statistically significant insights, correlate key drivers, extract insights from textual comments as well as seamlessly automate periodic trackers without a single piece of coding. Surveyi2i also has excellent collaboration space for sharing data and insights between individuals within a corporate.


Customizable for Various Applications

The application has extensive analytics functionalities which enables customizability into various type of business applications. Surveyi2i can be used for analysing one-time or periodic tracking studies across these survey types.

  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Brand and Usage Tracking
  • Customer Interests and Market Studies
  • Employee Satisfaction Studies


Secured Cloud Based Deployment

Surveyi2i is deployed on Amazon Web Services cloud and leverages world class security layers of AWS. Surveyi2i has additional application level security features to make your data and dashboards confidential, private and secured. You can access Surveyi2i from anywhere across the world from any windows machine.