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BRIDGEi2i team has a vast experience setting up and scaling analytical capabilities for companies in the technology sector. Our expertise is in designing solutions to key challenges facing the industry and delivers them with maximum agility in a manner that makes these solutions sustainable.

Customer Intelligence

BRIDGEi2i helps developing and implementing a personalized, customer centric, multi-channel customer relationship management plan to target the right customers and drive revenue growth.

E-commerce Effectiveness

Effectively use your website and other direct channels to generate demand. Optimize the website by analyzing search trends and navigation paths.

Marketing Effectiveness

We help streamline your marketing mix across various marketing vehicles (e.g. TV, print, radio, web, trade, in-store promo etc.)  by optimally allocating the investment budget across different vehicles.

Sales Effectiveness

We help companies forecast revenue and deploy sales force effectively by targeting the right accounts / geographies and optimizing coverage.

Supplier Management

We leverage advanced time series and signal processing techniques to forecast commodity prices, demand and accordingly define inventory planning strategy.



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